Upsize - The Ball Game of the Season!

Upsize - The Ball Game of the Season!
Author: Neha Shukla
Posted On August 06, 2022

Raising the Curtain

Have you ever played a ball puzzle game? Are you looking for a ball puzzle game that would exercise your brain and help you relax at the same time?

Here’s to bringing you a game that is a complete package in itself - fun, relaxing, skillful, and a lot more.

"Upsize - Touch Puzzle Game" by Athmin Game Studio is one of the best mobile games that will keep you at your pace and engage you by breaking the monotony surrounding you. This game is easy and simple yet abstract and challenging.

The Exposition

To start the adventure, all you need to do is to download this game from Google Play Store and click on the play button once it is done. One simply needs to use the power of dexterity to solve the puzzle. Although this hyper-casual and realistic game appears difficult initially, it gradually gives the player a fun experience thus adding to their list of mini-adventures. This ball arcade game will add to the thrills and help to get rid of the boredom. No matter whether you are chilling in your bed or flying in an airplane up above, you can easily play the hyper-casual ball arcade game.

In Upsize: Touch Puzzle Game, one just requires the use of the brain and employ the skills. Once you download and start playing this puzzle game, it's hard to keep your phone aside because it is highly addictive and asks for quick reflex action. Being one of the top and best mobile games, Upsize: Touch Puzzle Game is a one-touch single-player application game.

The Rising Action

After downloading this game from the play store free of cost, a simple touch on the play button will start your journey. A short tutorial before you begin playing the game helps to get an idea of how to solve the puzzle efficiently. It will begin for you by showing a ball with a number. Comprising 100 levels, the player has to simply tap and touch the balls by preventing them from getting merged.

Tapping the puzzle ball having a number will increase its size. The player has to ensure that the ball should not overlap with other hurdle balls in the puzzle. Once the challenging part of reaching the target count is achieved, subsequent levels will be unlocked.

The only key to reach new levels in this puzzle game is speed and concentration. The higher the levels you reach, the more fun you experience.

The Suspense

Designed for all age groups, this ball arcade game is realistic and demands one-finger regulation. Being one of the best mobile ball games, this highly addictive puzzle is available offline and tests your reflexes. Not only does it help in improving the cognitive abilities of the player, but allows better perception and processing of the game. This free ball game is casual and simple yet challenging and interestingly abstract.

The intriguing suspense of the game is that it is relaxing and will assist you in passing the time, whether you are an adult or a child, stuck in traffic or lounging on the beach. A single tap is all one requires to ace this game and have a fun time. The ball puzzle game makes sure that you have quick reflexes, as well as the ability to move quickly and gain the most experience.

The Resolution

UpSize: Touch Puzzle Game is one of the best ball arcade games that is adaptable and easy. If you are eager to experience the world of colourful ball puzzles and get engrossed in it, just download this marvelous game and simply play, relax, and enjoy.