Should You Use React Native For App Development?

React Native For App Development
Author: Jyoti Yadav
Posted On June 3, 2021

What Is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework that uses Javascript to help you code your remarkable applications for pretty much any purpose.

The thought is that it makes the process much simpler for beginners and it permits you to handily review and alter your work as you go.

Applications made with React Native can likewise be viable with IOS and Android and components of each can be edited exclusively without the need to code an altogether new app.

For instance, the Android application could be a different color scheme to the IOS version without them being coded independently.

There is a choice of prior parts for you to add to your application just as the choice to make your own. Although fundamental information of Javascript is important to do as such, the site takes you through each part of making your app. Their site defines everything in detail and offers them opportunities to practice each part of coding.

Why Should I use React Native?

For some, figuring out how to code without any preparation is an overwhelming assignment, yet that doesn't mean they would prefer not to be the one to make their application, as opposed to outsourcing the work to an expert.

React gives you full control of the making process and shows you how to do everything in one. The framework makes the interaction faster and simpler than it would be regularly.

Because of the reality, the system runs on code as opposed to essential layouts like a website creator, the application you make will still be just as different as it would have been whenever coded from scratch.

Normally, it is a less expensive option in contrast to hiring another person to make an app for you, which for a new start-up can be vital.

They are known for their stable and upgraded applications, this implies what you will make will run as planned and as proposed.

The greatest advantage to using React is that code can be reused, so codes are as of now composed for specific purposes and highlights, you should simply copy it into your application's coding.

What Are The Setbacks?

Like everything, React Native has its downfalls.

The greatest of which is that, notwithstanding how easy to use they've made the service, it's still a long way to go. It's not something you can simply get and begin making an application with. Except if you as of now have proper knowledge of coding, especially in Javascript.

You will need to take time in learning how each element of the process works to create a functioning product.

This might be simpler than learning how to code your application from scratch, however, it's surely significantly harder than paying another person to do it for you.

The huge community and open-source library give information and tools to help anybody that is battling, yet insufficient to assist a total newbie with making their application.


Despite the difficulties, React Native is as yet an exceptionally valuable tool for anybody endeavoring to make an app and since they are upheld by Facebook they make certain to continue developing and tending to the flaws in their service.

With the steadily developing community making pre-coded highlights, it could, at last, become straightforward enough that anybody will want to get it and make a working application for their business.