How mobile apps have changed the market?

How mobile apps have changed the market?
Author: Jyoti Yadav
Posted On February 05, 2022

Mobile apps have significantly changed the world and shaped the way we live today. Literally, there's an app for everything right from banking to ordering groceries online. Also, they have completely transformed the way we work and the way we communicate with others.

It's essential to know the factors that have led to the growth of mobile apps while considering how they have changed our lives.

  • Firstly, depending on the features, smartphones are available at affordable prices for everyone, and it's easy for people to carry mobile phones wherever they want.
  • Secondly, mobile apps are very popular because users love the convenience and ease they provide. Users were given the ability to use their smartphones like never before by just downloading the apps.


Easy to use:

For many years, we've been witnessing the mobile internet users' count growing at a faster pace than desktop internet users. People spend 90% of their time using apps. There's no need for any educational background to use mobile apps; also, it's easy to use them. Hence, irrespective of their ages, people of different professions use mobile apps, including IT professionals, housewives, rikshawalas, shopkeepers, and students.

Internet Prices:

According to economic times, internet users will rise 40% by 2023 around the world. This is because of the lowest internet price; even daily labor can afford the internet. Also, it's a known fact that almost 90% of mobile apps require the internet to work. Whether it is a social media mobile app, lifestyle mobile app, utility mobile app, productivity app, entertainment/games app, or an information/news mobile app, every app needs the internet.


There are numerous places where mobile apps have changed lives, but 9 sectors are impacted the most below.

Let's move right into knowing in detail about each sector.

1) Education:

If you look at the lineup of present mobile apps, you'll find apps for many life situations like entertainment, sports, politics, financial transactions, and, last but not least, education. With mobile apps, you can learn almost all the subjects, including mathematics, languages, biology, physics, chemistry, and the list goes on. Besides, you can also find apps for the people who belong to the professional department.

2) News:

At present, many developers and organizations worldwide are looking to expand their reach in numerous sectors. Mobile news app is one of those sectors, which is no less behind. It is because nowadays everything is digitalized, then why would people show interest in reading physical newspapers? People can easily read the news in mobile apps with just a click. Countless mobile news apps deliver news about many sectors like politics, sports, entertainment, etc.

3) E-commerce:

E-commerce giants like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and eBay acquire 75% of the traffic from mobile apps because it is easy to shop through mobile applications. According to the statistics, most purchases from mobile applications happen in a fraction of seconds.

4) Social Media/Communication:

Humans have always been social creatures, and hence we have developed numerous ways of communication. Everyone is aware of social media in today's world, which is reaching new heights with mobile apps. Almost every social media platform like Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Email, and Instagram has mobile apps.

5) Information:

In this technological era, information is free everywhere. Many platforms like Google, YouTube, and Quora provide information about a particular concept/topic that you need. Having those apps on your mobile is beneficial for you to get the information easily.

6) Entertainment:

There are many entertainment apps to choose from, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ted, Hotstar, Aha, etc. They are becoming the primary source of entertainment in this Pandemic era.

7) Business Intellgence:

Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) apps are browsers rendered apps that provide full interactivity with the BI content. There are numerous Business Intelligence apps like Microsoft Power BI Pro, Roambi Analytics, Amazon QuickSight, IBM Cognos Analytics, etc.

8) Banking:

The use of mobile banking has become a common thing these days. Mobile banking apps offer flexibility, speed, and ease while making online transactions. There are many mobile banking apps like HDFC bank mobile banking, Kotak-811, IDBI bank GO, BOI mobile, CANDI, etc.

9) Digital Marketing:

Mobile applications have changed the face of digital marketing completely. Yes, it's true. Every day when a person wakes up in the morning, he checks at least 2-3 apps. It's a common story for everyone these days. That's why companies/organizations are focusing on building more apps to attract people. If a mobile app is not looking attractive, nobody clicks it, right? Hence, digital marketing came into the picture. Digital marketers and web developers use all kinds of tactics and make the app with more attractive features.


Mobile apps have made our lives convenient. Almost all our routine struggles are over now because of mobile apps. Since we can do everything on mobile, we can manage our time perfectly. Apart from our routine lives, mobile apps have changed the market in all sectors. We can clearly say that "Mobile Apps are the key for success in any sector nowadays."