3 Innovative Blockchain Startup Ideas 2021

Blockchain Startup Ideas
Author: Jyoti Yadav
Posted On August 3, 2021

The world is in desperate need of innovative startups. The issues that we are confronting are excessively immense for traditional and preexisting solutions.

Startups come up with new fresh ideas to address the pain points faced by people using innovative methods or technologies. Currently, the technologies that have plenty of promising startups are working on include machine learning, data science, IoT, and the topic of this article, blockchain.

If you know nothing about blockchain, read our inside and out article that clarifies an extraordinary detail. This article, in any case, is about startup thoughts that can use the power of blockchain to create something uncommon that can work on the existences of individuals across varying backgrounds.


Loans are all about the economy of most countries is built. However, getting a traditional loan from a bank is quite difficult for a lot of people.

To take care of this issue, many startups are working on something that is called cryptocurrency loans, or just crypto-loans for short. These loans are quite different from traditional loans in a huge number of ways.

Crypto-loans are not bound yet but by many legal regulations that make them liberated from many red tapes associated with traditional loans. People can undoubtedly take loans from banks with no compelling reason to stress over political boundaries. Crypto loans can be issued instantly and you can deposit money directly into the borrowers' bank account.

These reasons have made the possibility of crypto-loans exceptionally thrilling and plenty of new businesses are now working on it. But the demand is high to such an extent that if you offer a preferred experience over the current portals, you can get a ton of accomplishment rapidly.

Blockchain Digital Identity

One of the biggest problems faced by many people using the internet is the danger of identity theft. Anyone can get access to someone’s information and make a fake ID card.

Indeed, even government-provided IDs are not insusceptible to being duplicated and replicated illegally.

Perhaps the biggest thing that energized tech enthusiasts when the first introduction of blockchain was the potential of this innovation displayed to make a safe, unquestionable, and theft-protected digital identity for everyone.

While there are already have some new businesses dealing with this thought, they are unable to make a large impact as of now. However, it is ridiculous to excuse the idea of blockchain-backed digital identities on the grounds that as individuals become increasingly mindful and conscious about their digital identity, the more significant is the startups working on developing this solution will begin to turn into.

Some tech specialists foresee that not too distant future blockchain-backed digital identity cards may likewise become acknowledged by the government as the essential recognizing document for its citizens.

That shows the working with this thought has a ton of guarantee in the future.

Smart Wills and Testaments

There are many issues that can emerge out of the last will of anybody. These issues become dramatically more complicated if the individual had numerous assets and a major family among whom these assets must be circulated. In any case, If that the will has not unmistakably characterized, everything the situation can spin out of control.

Even if the person composes a strong will, it is quite possibly the person on whom the obligation to execute the said will falls onto might have reasons to adjust the will or not perform it the way it was to be.

This is a significant issue looked at by millions of people across the globe consistently. A startup can use the power of blockchain and offer individuals an opportunity to compose their will as a smart contract.

These shrewd agreements are changeless and are secured behind the safeguard of blockchain technology. Nobody can modify the will whenever it has been composed except if the individual who initially wrote it down.

A startup that makes, 'Smart Wills" on-request can have a great deal of potential in an undeniably conniving world.

There, you have it, these are three thoughts for anybody hoping to do a startup that will be worked around blockchain technology. While there are much more ways blockchain can be used to work on different areas and make money, and it is as of now changing Indian ventures, any of these three thoughts is a decent alternative.

But remember, a startup is significantly something other than thought and the technology behind it. Building a solid group, sorting out the right plan of action, and delivering a decent encounter to your clients will transform your blockchain startup into genuine progress.

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Blockchain technology is as yet in its initial days, the faster you join and fabricate a decent business around it, the more you will want to benefit from it.